Birthday Board

Birthday Board


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Who remembers Birthdays or important dates? I know I don’t, I rely on Facebook, but not every event is on Facebook. So why not have something that you can have on display, so every time you walk past it, you get reminded of what events are coming up. Don’t ever forget your partners birthday or anniversary, You definitely don’t want to forget your own Mother’s birthday, (I’m lucky my daughter shares her birthday with Nanna, so I can never forget)
Or have so many nieces and nephews its hard to remember who was born first?

Our Birthday Boards have been very Popular. They come in a variety of colours and we love making new combinations
30 mdf discs are included in the coordinating colours. You also get 30 Jump rings which will hang the discs from the main board hooks.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for this to be made. Although we do try to complete it sooner

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Weight .8 kg

Turquoise, Red, Navy, Yellow, Coral, Purple, Lilac, Burgandy, Beige, Copper, Mint, Classroom Multicoloured, light blue, Stained Board, Grey, Custom Colour